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CES End of Semester Luncheon: What does the European crisis mean for European Studies?

There has been, of course, no single “European Crisis” in the past several years.  The banking crisis that spread from the United States to Europe in 2008, and the sovereign debt crises that spread from Greece to Portugal and Italy … Continue reading

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Welcome back!

Welcome back!  I hope you all had stimulating and productive summers and that you are making a smooth transition into your fall semester. I’m writing in the hopes that you’ll take a minute out of your busy schedules to look … Continue reading

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Bringing Politics to the Center? Let’s Look at France

According to Michael Barr and Daniel Halberstam, Europe’s leaders had one last chance to get it right as they headed into their Euro-Crisis summit last week. And—if I understood Barr and Halberstam correctly—Europe’s leaders blew it. Here’s what B and … Continue reading

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