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Scotland: the morning after

Image from the Herald Scotland. For more election coverage, click here.  Scottish voters have voted down the Referendum by a margin of 10%. But the vote skewed more dramatically along party lines and especially by age group: 16-17 year olds voted … Continue reading

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Postcard from Scotland

For more front page news, click through to the Guardian’s round-up The polls have closed and votes are being counted. U-M History professor Kali Israel writes from Scotland: The city is jumping and yet of course also very tense—the pubs will … Continue reading

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Scotland Decides: The Referendum is this Thursday, September 18

Image by Andrew Mac. For other posters marking the Referendum, see History will be made on Thursday when Scotland votes on independence. Some see the Referendum as a forum on the state of the EU and will watch for response from … Continue reading

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Take a chance on me

The movie “Mamma Mia” (2008) – from a musical which premiered in London and toured to New York, written and directed by Britons and inspired by the songs of Abba – is set on an idyllic (and fictional) Greek island. … Continue reading

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University classes all’italiana: in English

In news from the other end of Italy, the venerable Politecnico di Milano announced recently that, starting in 2014, all its courses would be taught in English. The university cited the obvious reasons for the decision. It aims to train … Continue reading

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Leoluca Orlando elected Mayor of Palermo

Leoluca Orlando, crusader against the mafia who spoke at CES in Winter 2009, has been elected Mayor of Palermo. He has served as Mayor in the past – in 1985-1990 and again in 1993-2000 – and is remembered and honored … Continue reading

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Jewish Music in the Time of the Holocaust

This Wednesday, April 18th, in collaboration with the Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies, the Center for European Studies will present our end of semester program: a lecture and recital moderated by Timothy Cheek (Associate Professor of Voice), … Continue reading

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Speaking in tongues

Lingua in mundo nostro velociter mutat. Genti movir mucho mucho, necessari trovar hablar novo. If du non parler same sprache, bisognar invent lisan! Three sentences, each written in a dead language, or at least in a language that is not … Continue reading

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The anti-Adele

The song begins with throbbing power chords and a caustic voice, plaintive but clear and strong. By the end of the first verse we know where we are: this is a power ballad ca. 1978, tweaked by one of the … Continue reading

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Farewell to Vincenzo Consolo

Vincenzo Consolo, a great writer and a passionate chronicler of his native Sicily, has died at age 78. Leoluca Orlando – ex-mayor of Palermo; he visited UM in 2009 to talk about his own struggles against the mafia – wrote: … Continue reading

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