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Associate Professor, Health Management and Policy at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. I am a specialist in the health politics and welfare states of of advanced industrial countries, with a special research focus on the politics of the UK, France, Spain and the European Union.

Stuffing the IRA, avoiding the penniless cousins

Germany gets a bad rap (it’s hard to talk about the problems in Europe right now without getting onto German elites’ sins of omission or commission from Kohl onwards). But think about Germany from the point of demographics, which makes … Continue reading

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What is happening in Catalonia?

What is going on in Catalonia? If you go to Catalonia, in Northeastern Spain, you will frequently hear “Som una nacio”- “we are a nation”. With their own language, history, high and folk culture, and economy, Catalans are justly proud … Continue reading

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Whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad: Spanish health policy edition

Most of the American discussion of what is happening in Europe focuses on the financial issues and potential consequences for the financial sector. But stop and take a look at the burdens on Europeans of markets and EU institutions’ actions. … Continue reading

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6th of May a big day in Europe

Greetings from Austria, where a 90-second review of all these elections cut to an exciting case of a Mercedes driver who lost control and plowed into the window of a shop somewhere in Upper Austria (and where the polls are … Continue reading

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Two rules for understanding economic debate

1. No matter how open-minded or critical the commentator, opinions will mostly be predicted by the passport that commentator carries. If the Financial Times and New York Times often seem to be publishing in alternate worlds, what hope is there … Continue reading

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Two uncultured, parochial reasons to care about Europe

It hasn’t been a good year for Europe, and it hasn’t been a good year for Europe’s image in the US. Political bloggers find their posts on Europe aren’t much read. World affairs commentators relegate it to distant senescence or … Continue reading

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British diplomatic failure and its consequences for Europe

In the UK, the country’s self-marginalization is big news. In most of the rest of the world, not so much. It seems observers based in the US are mostly talking about the impossibility of the deal working and the Europeans … Continue reading

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“Debt-brakes”, debt limits, and an attack on the welfare state

Three big stories came out of the Brussels meeting. Each one was enough to spoil a nice weekend. First, there was the UK’s decision to marginalize itself by vetoing a new Treaty. This forced the rest of the EU member … Continue reading

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