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Eurozone Crisis from an Italian Perspective

CES welcomes back Lucia Tajoli, associate profesor of economics at the Politecnico di Milano. Professor Tajoli will give lecture in the Conversations on Europe series  titled “Eurozone Crisis from an Italian Perspective,”  today at 4 pm EST. (Live Stream) “The ongoing … Continue reading

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Conversations on Europe with Natalie Bakopoulos

Yesterday, novelist Natalie Bakopoulos delivered a talk on the current crisis in Greece and its consequences, heightened nationalism, concerns about immigration and security, in the Conversations on Europe series. In her own words Natalie gave us a new perspective as an essayist: “I am … Continue reading

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Whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad: Spanish health policy edition

Most of the American discussion of what is happening in Europe focuses on the financial issues and potential consequences for the financial sector. But stop and take a look at the burdens on Europeans of markets and EU institutions’ actions. … Continue reading

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There is no Greek “People”; There are Greek Voters. By George Tsebelis

The original article by George Tsebelis in Greek, was published on May 28, 2012 at protagon.gr The article argues that analyses according to which the “Greek people” decided, one thing or the other in the last election are misfounded because Arrow’s Theorem and … Continue reading

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Greece: Playing against the clock. Authored by George Tsebelis.

This is a critical time for Greek debt negotiations, and, regrettably, communication between the Greek government and the “troika” (the combination of the Commission of the EU, the European Bank, and the IMF) is out-of-sync. There are obvious reasons. The … Continue reading

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