Postcard from Scotland


For more front page news, click through to the Guardian’s round-up

The polls have closed and votes are being counted. U-M History professor Kali Israel writes from Scotland:

The city is jumping and yet of course also very tense—the pubs will be full tonight.  😉
I took some oranges round to one campaign centre because, amidst the sugar, caffeine,  sandwiches, and surely some drink later, some vitamins might be useful.  And on the ground, there is really consistent stress of volunteers on saying that they respect all views of voters even if they’re quite critical of the official campaigns from different perspectives, and that they’re committed to keeping the electricity of conversation going however they feel tomorrow.  You might think “they would say that, wouldn’t they?” but it’s really quite passionate and filled with detail and often with tears.
For updates, follow hashtag #indyref. The National Theatre of Scotland sponsored a binge marathon reading of Scottish authors yesterday. Read about it here and here.
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