Scotland Decides: The Referendum is this Thursday, September 18

soar-albaImage by Andrew Mac. For other posters marking the Referendum, see

History will be made on Thursday when Scotland votes on independence. Some see the Referendum as a forum on the state of the EU and will watch for response from other regional independence movements, in places like Catalonia, Venice, and Belgium. Others see it as a Scottish challenge to English neo-liberalism. At this moment, the vote is too close to call. To follow the latest updates on the Referendum, check out these sites:

To get the other side of the story, try these English sources:

Don’t miss the Referendum vote on Thursday. And don’t miss Robert Crawford’s visit to U-M in November – he’ll discuss poet T.S. Eliot, read his own poetry, and give a talk at CES on the aftermath of the Referendum.

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