There is no Greek “People”; There are Greek Voters. By George Tsebelis

The original article by George Tsebelis in Greek, was published on May 28, 2012 at

The article argues that analyses according to which the “Greek people” decided, one thing or the other in the last election are misfounded because Arrow’s Theorem and social choice analysis indicate that there are no rational collective entities like “the Greek people.” Instead we should focus on the Greek voters, and try to understand their preferences.

This way we will replace “the people” by a two by two table where one third of the people want to keep the memorandum in order to stay in the Euro, one sixth want to get out of both, and a half do not want to keep the memorandum, with staying in the Euro. Then, we have to listen to these marginal voters and try to persuade them that a renegotiation is possible, and without it Greece will be forced to leave the Euro with catastrophic consequences.


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