Looking back at CES year

Conversations on EuropeWith the academic year behind us, things have slowed down somewhat at CES, and this is an opportunity to look back at the year that was. CES would like to invite you to visit our Facebook  Page, YouTube Channel, and iTunesU album, to listen or view media files of lectures and events in our signature series “Conversations on Europe,” hosted in the past year.

The Conversations on Europe series, sponsored by the Center for European Studies (CES), is the signature lecture series on modern Europe and the European Union at U-M. Conversations on Europe lectures highlight the intellectual benefits to be gained from the creation of arenas in which scholarly debates can interact with actual political experiences. “Conversations on Europe” lectures are often produced in collaboration between CES and its partner centers CREES, WCED, and WCEE with exciting intellectual results. For its End of Semester Luncheons/Programs, the Center taps local expertise to investigate unique topics, in a thoughtful and appropriately broad discussion on Europe’s past, present and future.


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Manager, Global Projects/International Institute, University of Michigan.
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