Two rules for understanding economic debate

1. No matter how open-minded or critical the commentator, opinions will mostly be predicted by the passport that commentator carries. If the Financial Times and New York Times often seem to be publishing in alternate worlds, what hope is there that the FAZ and Le Monde and La Vanguardia, let alone bar talk and genuinely popular media, will be communicating the same agenda? Globalization is overstated.

2. Everything you think about who is up and who is down was wrong eighteen months ago and will be wrong again. Germany’s unemployment rate is dropping- but so is its GDP growth. Does anybody really think we will be listening to, lectures from the German government in mid-2013?


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Associate Professor, Health Management and Policy at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. I am a specialist in the health politics and welfare states of of advanced industrial countries, with a special research focus on the politics of the UK, France, Spain and the European Union.
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